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Downtyme plans to make it easier to hang out with your friends.

Downtyme lets you and your friends see each other's availability, making it easy to see who's free and invite them with a single tap to dinner or to study. Downtyme even syncs with your calendar so you don't have to update it. Downtyme is scheduled to launch in 2015.

BU startup places first in inter-collegiate tech competition

Downtyme, cofounded by Boston University College of Engineering juniors Barron Roth and Luke Sorenson, placed first out of nine schools participating in the second annual Massachusetts Institute of Technology Enterprise Forum of Cambridge’s Beantown Throwdown startup competition Wednesday.

Downtyme were able to compete in the Beantown Throwdown after they won a competition for startups on campus hosted by the BUzz Lab, which opened on Oct. 30. The first application to save you from your smart phone, Downtyme lets users match up their free time with friends using manual scheduling or a calendar sync function. Users can send friends nearby a request to eat, study or simply hang out. Although the app has been in beta mode since March, Roth said a full version would launch January 2015 for the spring semester.